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How to overcome difficulties

Sometimes we face a difficulty that disrupts our daily functioning. Just as the sun sometimes encourages us and lifts our spirits, so a strengthening event from the past can change our perspective of what is happening now.
Find in the past a strengthening event, an event in which we were able to cope successfully. Concentrate on what happened then and live the strengthening event with the help of all the senses. To remember how we felt at the good event, what we heard, for example joy in the words of others or of ourselves, what we saw, what we smelled and what we felt. Experience the good event with all our sub modalities.
Then look again at the present for what is happening to us now.

We will discover, to our surprise, that the present has improved. The difficulty diminished, a smile on the lips from the past to the present.

One can repeat the process whenever one encounters a difficulty, or come for therapy, and solve the problem.

If you need help , I will be happy to
I'm here for you,
The Breathing

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