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Limiting beliefs

It is hard for us to believe that with  we bring upon ourselves diseases, failures and trouble without  being aware of it.

When we have a goal and we devote the best of our abilities, our thoughts are also focused. When energy is channeled to reach a goal, "bad" thoughts have trouble penetrating, they have no place.
When we retire, take a break or change our habits, we create void ... 
It's time to notice who is penetrating, what thoughts are passing through our minds?
Much is happening in the subconscious.
Like ads that constantly rock on the radio on disabled insurance and remind each of us that he can become disbaled at any moment to convince us to do insurance.
It penetrates the subconscious mind, becomes a thought running around in the head.

What can we do ?
Daily meditation allows us to select thoughts, pay attention to our thoughts, and then we can change them consciously.
NLP therapy,  allows us to discover the limiting beliefs that prevent us from achieving what we want. I will be happy to help you achieve any goal you want.
We are free, we control our thoughts :)

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