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Stress conservation law

Stress represents worry, fear, hesitation, insult, anger, resistance, criticism. All of these keep us away from ourselves, from self-love. I have recently had two patients who came in with trauma and depression. After healing of trauma and depression, removal of limiting thoughts and beliefs, there was a significant improvement in their lives. But surprisingly, instead of peace, quiet and joy, a new concern arose. One suddenly told me: My son is very successful but could have been much more successful, the other is worried that the groom is abusing her daughter. In short a constant search for what is or can be wrong. We are afraid to let go of worries, living under the illusion that the worries protect us from something wrong to happen. I started with the patients a process of gratitude, gratitude in life.

When we turn our attention only to the good things, there is no room for the bad ones.

Instructed them to write thanks every morning when they get up in a notebook and then start climbing the stairs of success:

Here are my steps of success from the morning: Thank you so much for getting up for another beautiful day, full of sunshine and full of joy Thank you so much for the morning juice Thank you very much for the quiet Thank you so much for the fields near my house, where I walk every morning Thank you so much for the flowers on the way Thank you so much for tweeting the birds Thank you so much for the sun that hides behind the clouds and makes my walk easier Thank you so much for the delicious breakfast Thank you so much for the air conditioner in my home, that makes my life better Thank you so much for the work I have and I create for myself Thank you so much for my home

Thank you so much for my family Thank you so much for my friends Thank you so much for the joy in my heart Of course, in addition to gratitude and ascending the ladder of success, moments of silence and meditation help to reduce stress. I would be happy to help you too with love The Breathing

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