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Good memories, Good Thoughts

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Most of us believe that it is ok to think about anything, as long as it is between us. When we are alone with ourselves no one hears, so what does it matter?
Those who did psychological therapy, CBT, NLP, Yamima and the like, got used to thinking positively, here and now, despite this, there are those who give free rein to their thoughts.

Every tragic story that happens around us, in the news,  gives us free rein to our thoughts, many times we think, what if it happened to us.
Every such sad thought that imagines disaster has consequences on our future.
Our consciousness transmits it to the universe, and it is received as a request, as if we want such experience or disaster to happen to us. And so it happens that our anxiety rises.
The universe makes some of our 'dreams' come true, unpleasant things happen to us, our anxiety increases and increases, then more unpleasant things happen to us, it is a vicious circle.

Sometimes we are not even aware of all our thoughts, that's why it is good to do meditations or mindfulness every day, during meditation when we let the thoughts pass and return to concentrate on our breath, we slowly begin to develop awareness of more thoughts, then it is also possible to replace negative non-constructive thoughts.
The song below, by Sharon Essman, helps me a lot in changing my thoughts, I replace every unwanted thought with a thought about self-love, or love for a family member or friend. This requires persistence, every day every hour... When we send love, the universe returns love to us, the love within us increases and there is no room left for anything unwanted such as fear, anxiety, hesitation, anger or any other unwanted behavior.

One of the reasons for bad thoughts is our memories.
If we don't take care to erase  all our traumas or unpleasant experiences from our past they may come back.
If we continue to give free rein to our anxieties, our bad thoughts, they intensify with the help of the universe that understands that this is what we want.
I wrote blogs explaining how we can erase unpleasant memories. Like how to kill anxiety and how to release unpleasant memories
For example, recently I had to seek the advice of a lawyer. It was very difficult for me and I felt stress above and beyond the seemingly simple case. Then I started having memories from the past of similar situations. I realized that as soon as something happens to us, similar memories of similar situations, associations from the past raise.
If I had dealt with the past trauma properly, the anxiety would have been avoided. That is why it is important to "clean up the past".
Happy and less happy events happen around us every day. Focus on the good, don't let the bad influence you. In every good there is bad and in every bad there is good. concentrate on the good only. Bad things happening around us can cause us to have similar thoughts, check your thoughts. Don't watch news or horror movies before bed. Collect all the good thoughts before going to sleep. Check your thoughts all the time and concentrate on the good, on what makes us feel good about it. If you cannot erase unpleasant memories, concentrate only on good thoughts.

If you need help,
I am here for you,
the Breathing

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