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Guided imagery for cancer patients

Since the mind does not differentiate between imagination and reality, guided imagery can be used for healing. With great faith in the power of imagination we can help cancer patients cope with their illness and even be cured. There is ample evidence of the effect of awareness and imagination on the immune system and recovery processes. When a person experiences stress, within a few hours the rate of production of his white cells decreases. Relaxation helps to renew the immune system and improve blood circulation. Cancer patients are advised to experience three relaxations a day, morning, noon and evening. To encourage the subconscious to cooperate in recovery. Relaxations should be used in images that are specifically tailored to the processes of the disease and its healing. The relaxation should be as deep as possible.

In the power of guided imagery to trigger many different processes some are conscious and some are not conscious, such as: encouragement, giving hope and direction to action, strengthening the motivation to live, giving positive ways of thinking. Some of the processes that the guided imagery evokes affect various systems in the body such as: increasing the production of white blood cells, increasing the effectiveness of medical treatments or weakening the cancer cells. Guided imagery can be found to reduce or stop the cancerous growth and metastases if any. Imaging on medical treatments as very effective, support for surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, biological therapies, imaging the immune system as strong and aggressive. Guided imagery and relaxation can help at any stage. Openness, belonging, sharing can help the patient. Like a closed bud of a beautiful and unique flower. The bud is closed and keeps everything to itself. In order to reproduce and continue existence, the bud must be opened.

When the flower is open it is at its peak of beauty and can attract butterflies and bees to perpetuate it. Just as in nature the bud grows and develops with the help of water and the sun, so too the patient can be helped by the sources of support and love that are available to him. Stress can be released like ice that slowly melts in the sun, its waters saturate the soil and give rise to green plants. Gratitude has healing power. Studies show that regular practice of thanks changes neurological pathways in the brain, it happens with every thought we think for better or worse. The practice of gratitude builds neuronal pathways that encourage a sense of well-being and joy and stimulate the immune system to action.

If you need help, I would love to make tailored meditation for relaxation or therapy for those who need it, I'm here for you, The Breathing

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