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Living without loss

Death is part of life and most of us experience loss of their beloved ones at some point in time. This blog purpose is to describe what we are going through after loss and provide ways that will allow us to continue living fully in happiness and joy. Loss lowers our energy, is dangerous to our health and can disrupt our lives. Low energies after loss, such as sadness, depression magnetize, by the Law of Attraction similar experiences and events at the same energetic level which may hinder us to continue our lives happily. Therefore, it is very important to find a way to maintain positive energy after loss.

If we suffer from these emotions, the Law of Attraction can bring us suffering and illness because of the low energies that draw us to these situations. Loss can make it difficult for us and bring us illness if we do not deal with emotions as soon as we can. ·Elizabeth Kubler-Ross a pioneer in the field of social research on death authored the groundbreaking book "On Death and Dying" in which she developed and introduced the Kubler-Ross model. She identified 5 stages of coping with loss. Not everyone goes through all the steps, some might go back to certain steps again and again. The steps are: denial, anger, digging thoughts e.g. "what if" , depression and acceptance.

The denial phase, is a stage where we act as if the loss did not really happen.

In the anger phase, we are angry with ourselves or those who could prevent the loss or change what happened.

Step 'What if ..' We try to change the past and correct mistakes: If it wouldn't happen that way - then the loss could be avoided.  

In the depression phase, we are sad and concentrate on the loss only.   The acceptance phase, we accept the loss.   Transition between phases is achieved through acceptance, awareness and forgiveness.

The healing process I do with my patients includes modeling, this method I described in the blog "Take example form others". We find a "successful" loss in the past that we have accepted already, that we live well with, and then with compassion, resources and motivation, we are able to transfer the loss, emotions, behavior from the "successful" to the current loss. This is a process that I would love to go through with you and overcome loss.

If we manage to remember the loss with acceptance, concentrate on happy memories only , without sorrow. Many times grief is dictated by society, our environment who expects us to be sad and grieve. Sometimes grief is dictated by the fear of our own death, so we see the loss in a detached way, and don't see the picture in our memory fully. For example we cannot see in our mind the face or the body of the deceased.

If we manage to live with the loss, we see it in our mind's eyes in whole and exactely as it was with clarity.

Accepting and feeling the loss as a whole with us just as it was, is a way of living with the loss, it continues to live within us. It is an imagine that with practice and excersize brings us to the optimal state we can be in, closest to where we were before the loss.

Belief that the dead live within us and we can continue to live with them and they will remain a part of us forever. We can remember the loss with acceptance, joy, concentrate on good memories only, without sorrow.

A belief that the dead live within us and we can continue to live with them and they will remain part of us forever.

Wish you success, and I am here to help

The Breating

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